Spring Break

Timing is everything. Amidst the business of the past few months, I almost forgot that this week is my spring break, which meant free time to adventure and relax. I couldn't be happier, as many of my recent projects have just wrapped up and I'm now focusing on that "next chapter" of my life. I was so happy to realize that I had a week of almost nothing planned ahead, so I decided to slip a few activities into my agenda. My boyfriend and I drove to Santa Barbara to visit one of my best friends. Although not the warmest of holidays, we had a wonderful time, eating, shopping and enjoying each other's company.

{road trip}

{a succulent from this post, happy and growing on my friend's windowsill}

{cozy beachside breakfast on a quiet morning} 

{fruit and latte = perfect breakfast to me}

{my friend Leilani's beautiful patio with string lights and great vintage mirrors}

{botanical gardens}

{locally sourced dinner at Julienne - such a treat}

What are some of your favorite places for a short getaway?


Currently Loving...

{top 1 & 2, bottoms 1 & 2, dresses 1 & 2}

I recently discovered this designer and am in love with every piece. With a petite build like mine, it can often be hard to find things that fit easily, but everything by this designer fits perfectly (which can also be quite dangerous!) I love the soft colors, fitted blazers and lacey fabrics. 

I'm off for an evening in the city and getting excited for a trip to Santa Barbara later this week. My spring break has just began, and although it decided to gloom over and rain, I'm so excited for some free time to relax and adventure. I'm eagerly anticipating excitements ahead, like graduation in only a few short months, traveling to new places and the start of new beginnings. 

Spring is the perfect time to welcome the new, and that's exactly what I'm doing.

Have a great weekend.


Go for the Gold

Over the past few years I've had such an affinity for all things gold. From clutches to jewelry to buttons, I just love the look of gold. It has such a classic look, yet is still very fun and trendy. I instantly gravitate toward any glimpse of gold over silver any day. 

Here are a few gold accents that are currently adding sparkle to my day.

{vintage gold ring my grandma gifted to me years ago, nail polish from here}

{gold buttons form a recent J.Crew purchase}

{simple gold earrings are my favorite, DIY earring frame can be found here}

{gold jewelry in a vintage tea set bowl}

Michael Kors makes the best watches hands down. I love this large chain-linked watch, because it's the perfect addition to any outfit, whether it be work or play. 

In the past I wore an assortment of rings daily, but as my style changed, so did my taste in rings. I've been on the search for delicately simple rings to incorporate back into my style, and finally discovered some perfectly simple gold bands at a local boutique. This beautifully painted antique bowl that I found at the flea market last week, is the perfect place to keep my jewelry on its downtime.  


Rainy Day Delights

Since the weather this week doesn't plan on showing even one ray of sunshine, here are some things making my days a little brighter. 

I used to dread rainy days because there's nothing worse than wet feet when you have to run around all day, but ever since I've had my Hunter boots (thanks to a lovely Christmas gift I didn't know I needed from my boyfriend) I gleefully run through the puddles, and actually enjoy an occasional rainy day, just so I can wear red boots.

{bright colors on a dark day}

{a very cozy looking bed that I wish I could just stay in all day long}

{coconut white tea from Verve to stay warm}

images via Flickr and Anthropologie


{A few of my favorite things: candles, glassware, books & magazines.}

On a recent trip to Anthropologie with my mom, I couldn't help but to get so inspired by everything. I absolutely love the home decor items and inspirational books. I want to fill my living room coffee table with stacks of these books for endless ideas. While many items are on the expensive side, kitchen and other home items can be found at a totally reasonable price. I of course love the fun, unique clothing, especially the new spring items. Anthology Magazine, which can be found also at the store, is a wonderful new San Francisco-based publication, offering great home and lifestyle insights. These are a few of my top Anthro favorites:


Colorful Details

Sometimes you come across those items that don't seem particularly necessary to purchase, yet make your day just that much brighter. This was the case for me on a recent quick trip to the store. I left with my hands a bit more full, and my makeup bag that much brighter.  

Springtime colors are undeniably happy, and sometimes a little bit of color just adds an extra smile to your day. I've been loving all the pink lipstick looks and pastel spring colors so I decided to try them myself. Essie's "To Buy or Not To Buy" literally had me contemplating exactly that, but I definitely don't regret my decision. For someone that doesn't wear lipstick on the regular, I love the "Sweet Tart" lip butter which adds extra softness to a fun color. 



{image via}

A few days ago I finalized plans to travel to Europe a few weeks after my college graduation!

I've been lucky enough to have traveled to so many global destinations in my lifetime, but have never spent any time in Paris, London or Italy, and that's exactly where I'll be this June. I plan on attempting the "pack light" method, and fitting a month of belongings in one backpack. The last time I tried this however, when traveling to Brazil with my best friend, I actually fell over, but I'm hoping to master the backpack this time around. Although a backpack can look equally as touristy, I don't think my rolling suitcase and European streets would be a good mix.

The food, imagery and new discoveries make me too excited every time I think about it! I adore the romance languages and hope to incorporate some French and Italian into my vocabulary.

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