Lights, Camera, Red Carpet

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Since the summertime, I've been working part time at a film festival. I've been working in the PR department for the fest and finally today's the big day when it all begins. The red carpet will be rolled out, lights on and cameras flashing. It's like a little taste of Hollywood. I love glamourous events and the excitement surrounding. Any excuse to look at or wear beautiful dresses makes any girl happy. I love the feeling after planning something big for months, of finally watch it all take place.


Simple Saturday

{breakfast bling}

While I had ambitions of going for a run and enjoying the chilly but sunny sunshine, I'm guilty of relaxing at home all day reading blogs. It's my guilty pleasure that just makes me so happy. Sometimes I just love ignoring my phone, going out to breakfast and relaxing the rest of the afternoon. This happens rarely, and when it does, I soak it up. 

With the Academy Awards happening tomorrow it got me thinking of fun Oscar-themed party ideas. While I'm always working on Sunday evenings, and will most likely be watching the awards that my boyfriend has previously recorded for me, in my dream world I'd have my friends over to try out a few of these ideas.

Do you have any fun Oscar party ideas or traditions?


Springtime Perfection

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I've decided today that spring is my favorite time of year. It's really the perfect weather combination. Summer can get too hot, and winter a bit too chilly, but a day like today feels perfect. Springtime has this feeling of new beginnings and a fresh start. Spring cleaning, spring breeze and fresh spring flowers all allude to the start of something exciting just around the corner. Because I live in California, tomorrow could be rainy and wintery all over again, but for today the warm sunshine is a perfect break from the scarf and peacoat I've been favoring the past few months. 


Style & Space

Lately I've been really into redefining my space. After getting an urge to get rid of anything and everything I no longer have a need for, I realized how much my taste has changed and matured over the years. I felt little attachment to so many things I owned and had a great desire to start decorating again from scratch. While this idea sounds like a fabulously fun project, it of course isn't realistic. So instead, I've been enjoying adding and updating little things here and there, whenever I get a new idea. I never tire of the endless amount of creative ways to decorate and add personal style to your space. 

I love this British saying, and purchased a print in a light lavender to remind me every day, and hung it above my desk. 

{fun tote available on etsy}

{organized jewelry is so much prettier}

I really want to make this DIY jewelry dish featured on Honestly...WTF today to put atop my dresser.

{cork ideas}

I'm currently saving all the wine corks I can to make something crafty. I'm thinking cork board. Do you have any other crafty wine cork DIY ideas?


Weekend Reflections

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While I usually spend the weekends running around, this weekend I was forced to have (a little) downtime. Due to car troubles, I wasn't able to follow my normal weekend business, and instead spent time at home working from the coziness of my bed. It was a beautiful February weekend and I loved spending time at home with my doors open, letting the fresh breeze into my room. It also forced me to bike, run and walk to my destinations and enjoy the journey, instead of simply focusing on the destination. I love when an unexpected inconvenience turns out to have a silver lining.

{croissant & teatime} 

Have a great week!


Color Pop

Lately I've been loving this color block nail trend. It's fun to mix and match and bring a splash of color to any day, or outfit. I found this mint green at Urban Outfitters a few months ago, and haven't been able to stop wearing it since. One of my favorite ways to apply this look is to add a splash of glitter to the ring finger, for some extra sparkle. 

Here's how a few of my favorite bloggers played with color and glitter:

I can't believe how fast this week flew by and that it's already Thursday. Have a lovely day!


Glitter & Lace

This week my friends and I got together for a Valentine's craft night, filled with wine and sugar cookies. We brought our own crafts to work with, and created some crafty love tokens. We each had such a unique style from the other, and it was so much fun to see the different styles we all created. Mine were inspired by my post from earlier this week, using lots of texture, glitter, twine, pink and brown paper, and mini clothespins for a fun touch. 

{I like layering different papers for a textured effect}

{clothespins and glittery hearts}

{stamps, lace and teal}

{hand-sewn valentine}

{sugary snack}


{Hannah's clever design}

{date night}

{fun paper designs}

Happy Valentine's day!



With Valentine's Day just a week away, I've been finding myself daydreaming about things like pink, lace and sugar, and how I'm going to put them all together. With a busy week on my plate, I haven't found time to make any heartfelt creations, so here are a few ideas that have given me some inspiration in the meantime. 



Love day inspirations: lace & doilies, brown paper, conversation heart cookies, and clothespins. 


Thursday Things

As it befits the title of my blog, here are just a few of my favorite things that made me happy today. 

{a bunch of pink peonies}

{hearts + clothespins because it's almost valentine's day}

{a very large amount of glitter}

{true words}

{I'm doing the #febphotoaday challenge and it's so much fun!}

You can follow my photos on my twitter or instagram, and I'll post them all here at the end of the month. 

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