Currently Loving...

Just in case you need some Cyber Monday shopping inspiration, here are a few of my favorite things currently.

1. Chambray shirts... So comfy.
2. J.Crew jewelry... Colorful and chic.
3. Booties... I really fell in love with these this year, my new favorite heel.
4. Leather... I'm loving leather for winter, I just bought a skirt and a blazer both with hints of leather incorporated. 
5. Tights... The perfect winter accessory.
6. Baubles... Just because.
7. Leopard... (but I think you already knew that!)

What are you currently loving?


Thanksgiving Table

Last year I hosted Thanksgiving at my house, where I had the pleasure of decorating my own table and doing some of the cooking alongside my best friends and family. But this year I spent most of my holiday relaxing by the fire, and can't take any credit for the cooking or the beautiful table my mom decorated below. I love spending the holidays in Carmel, one of the cutest and coziest towns in the world. I did indulge in a little Black Friday shopping, mostly from the comfort of home and in my pajamas. I spent all morning "window shopping" from my iPad and didn't venture outside until I already knew what I wanted. That way I avoided the chaos, and didn't overspend. 

I hope you had a relaxing and yummy holiday too!


Hints of the Holidays

I'm a firm believer in saving anything related to the Christmas holidays until after Thanksgiving. Otherwise it makes the whole season feel too rushed, without leaving any time to truly enjoy each one. That being said, I will make one excuse. I wanted to share a few of my favorite holiday-inspired images from last week's holiday shoot for The Penny Rose on my blog. I haven't had time to do any of my own photo shoots recently, but I did have the chance to capture some behind-the-scenes shots that will be live on the blog this upcoming Tuesday.



Catching Up...

Because I haven't posted since before my birthday, I wanted to share one of my favorite pictures of a cozy evening with my family in Carmel two weekends ago. 

And I'm also excited to share this photo because I can finally call the city home in just a few more weeks!

Although this isn't really my view, I just love this photo. My friend and I just signed the lease on an amazingly cute, and very San Francisco, apartment in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood. I'm eagerly looking forward to decorating and discovering.

I spent part of my weekend assisting with The Penny Rose holiday fashion shoot, which got me in the mood for all the wonderful things the months ahead will bring.

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