Happy Halloween!

I always love this time of year, especially the week of halloween. The crisp and cold blue sky mornings, ugg boots and hot cider. I wish I could say the fall leaves, but so far in sunny California I still see lots of green. This weekend will be full of fluttery fake eyelashes, red lipstick and an excuse to play dress up. What's not to love? Here are some festive photos to get in the mood. 

{not quite the pumpkin patch, but I'm happy}

{love the white pumpkins}

{final results}

{happy halloween}


DIY Earring Frame

{handmade earring display with an air plant for a creative look} 

I got tired of the way I displayed my earrings so I decided to try this easy handmade earring holder. 
1. Find a fun frame at a yard sale, thrift/antique store or anywhere for that matter and pop out the glass.
2. Paint it!
3. I went to the fabric store and bought half a yard of inexpensive stretch lace.
4. My favorite accessory…my glue gun. It’s magical. Simply glue the lace to the back of the frame and you’re done!
My latest obsession are air plants (or tillys) they are amazing and are great for getting creative. I found a light jar to put it in, and used twine to attach it to my frame. 



Bold Colors

I'm loving the bright, big and bold trend this fall. Instead of the typical black, grey and blue jeans and skirts, I'm loving all the color I see popping up everywhere. It's a statement that brightens up any day. 

{bold color for skinny jeans}

{colorful minis}

These looks can be found at Urban Outfitters

{SJP looking great in hot pink}

{color and sparkle: such a good combo}

photo via Gal Meets Glam

Happy Monday! xo


Weekend Getaway

Nothing beats a little weekend relaxation. As soon as I thought I'd left all signs of sunny summertime behind, October threw us a beautiful, sunny hot weekend. But then again, this is California. I felt so lucky to get some much needed sunshine and enjoy a weekend filled with mineral baths, beach, good food and champagne. Life is good.

{avila beach in october}

{afternoon sun} 

But honestly, I'm getting pretty excited about some pumpkin carving and hot cider, soon to come! 



Rainy Day Reflections...

Today I had one of those mornings where I got to where I needed to be and thought to myself, I really should have just stayed in bed. True, I often feel like just snoozing that alarm, and waiting until at least the sun comes up to get out of bed, but despite the urge, I get up to start the day each morning. But today, I just felt like maybe I should have put my routine in reverse, and really not gotten up, thinking to myself, what’s just one day? I forgot rain boots and it was pouring. I had no umbrella and got soaked, and I slept for only five hours and was exhausted. I was starving, wet and totally exhausted.

But then I realized, how am I supposed to accomplish anything great, fabulous and wonderful by staying in bed? How am I supposed to get where I want to be inlife by sleeping in and letting the day pass me by? A great entrepreneur and hero of innovation, who I’ve always greatly admired, died yesterday. And he most definitely didn’t accomplish what he did in his lifetime by staying in bed.

And suddenly I woke up! After reluctantly sitting in my chair in class and feeling sluggish, suddenly my day turned around. I had a warm place to be, and I also had one of the best gifts in the world, the gift of knowledge, and the opportunity to learn and grow from that knowledge.

As soon as I started learning, I woke up. My mind awoke and my body suddenly felt like there was a purpose to getting out of bed on this rainy, gray day. I’ve given myself the gift of knowledge and learning. Learning doesn’t necessarily need to be done entirely from a classroom, whether it be from school or an outside lesson, each day there is so much to be taught and stimulate the mind with, it’s really quite exciting.

I don’t think the greatest thinkers, inventors and world-changers let a rainy day hold them back, so today, and everyday, I’ll brave it too.

{rainy day beauty}


Fall is Here

Happy October! Fall is in the air and it's time to bring out my Hunter boots.
I found this great bucket list on none other than Pinterest of course. What's on your Fall to-do list?

{find this image here}

{fall in central park}

I took this picture on a trip I took a few years ago to NYC in November. I want to go back! The city and the colors were amazing. 

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