When there's something you really want to do, there's no better way to make it happen than to start by putting it in writing. I feel sometimes like my life is an endless To-Do list, I'm constantly making them. But you can't let yourself be completely consumed in the daily tasks, and always remember to make those dream lists. 

{putting it in writing}

The best part of course, feeling that accomplishment by checking them off. I feel that the next few months will be bringing so much change. And with change comes excitement. Life is full of challenges, changes and of course, growth. I love thinking about the future that lies ahead, grabbing a cup of coffee and heading out for the day, ready to embrace it all and live life to the fullest. This is my little dream list for the next few months. 




Thanksgiving Successes

This year I had an especially nice thanksgiving because I hosted it at my house. This could be stressful, but I kept it small, with my closest family and friends, and everyone brought something to share. Because it was at my house, I got to do all the little fun touches I enjoy so much. I tried some new things this year which were all really fun and yummy. It's been such a nice relaxing weekend, I'm grateful!


{gold pumpkins and pine cones} 

I got this idea from Cupcakes and Cashmere, and then just went crazy with the paint and did pine cones, apples and mini pumpkins too. 

{fall colored flowers in mason jars}

{pumpkin spice cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting}

{honey crisp apple sangria, adapted from food&wine.com}

{cinnamon sugar rimmed glasses} 

{bon appétit}




I ♥ SF

I love this city. Today was a great day in San Francisco. So inspiring and full of character. I think I'm ready to make the change from beach town girl to city girl. I love the excitement of cities and the never ending possibilities. I'm getting so excited for the next chapter of life. 

{city streets}


{view from the top}

New Obsession: StyleMint

So I have to admit, I'm just loving Mark-Kate and Ashley Olsen's T-Shirt Revolution. Soft and comfy quality T's that are simple, yet can be styled in so many versatile ways. I recently made my first purchase from StyleMint and loved everything about it. From the packaging to the clothes themselves, I was really happy to discover a new fun fashion find. You can make your own profile, where pieces are recommended to you, based on your taste. And every T costs $29.99. Each month the girls have a new guest stylist, this month featuring my personal favorite, Emily Schuman, writer of Cupcakes and Cashmere. I'm already ready for my next order! 

{I ordered the Lincoln, which is comfy and can be dressed either up or down}

{I also chose the Broadway, and love the warm thick fabric}

{Not to mention a pair of warm and cozy leggings to top it all off}

Perfect fall necessities! 




Red & Gold

I always love gold. And I love an outfit that combines a bright color with splashes of gold. When it comes to a touch of shiny, you really can't go wrong.

{pants forever 21, flats a nordstrom rack find}

{watch by michael kors} 

Getting busy for the weekend, and off to pack for a spontaneous getaway. 



Let There Be Light

There's something so magical about glowing lights. Especially at home. They just add so much warmth to any space. I have some lantern lights in my room that add a beachy glow that I love, but recently I've been wanting to experiment and get creative with white Christmas lights (but not actually for Christmas -- all year round!)

Through all my pinning and tumbling I realized I've accumulated quite a few inspirations for this project. These are a few lovely images I've stumbled across in the past few months. Time to get some fun, crafty projects in the works for these cold wintery days! 

{via apartment therapy - DIY instructions included!}

{via tumblr -- I think this is my favorite!}




Cozy Friday

I happily greeted this winter-like November morning, excited to bundle up for once. Usually I love the summery weather, but today I'm truly embracing fall. It was that typical November day where the sun peaks out for two minutes and then it's cloudy again. And because rain wasn't far off I decided it was rain boot time again. I love cozy spontaneous afternoons like today. 

[my favorite hunter boots}

{rain or shine?}

{morning necessities...even on the weekend}

{stormy harbor, looking at sailboats}

Have a great weekend.



Antique Boutiquing

On a recent trip down south, I discovered this little hole-in-the-wall gem of an antique shop hidden behind a little cafe I was eating at. It reminded me what amazing finds exist in these little vintage places. And was a definite inspiration for my Christmas presents (coming soon!). My favorite find were these vintage glass jars. They are a great addition to my beachy living room. I loved the lighting of these photographs and did not take them myself (credits below), but my jars are just the same.


{can be found on etsy by leapinggazelle}

Now what should I put in them?


Weekend Reflection

Glitter, eyelashes, red lipstick, fishnets and a little bubbly, Halloween weekend was a success. And what a long, wild weekend it was. Now it's time to wash of the sparkles and take a nap. I just love Halloween and getting to see all the creative costumes. You're never too old to dress up and play!

{Halloween in a nutshell}

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