Let There Be Light

There's something so magical about glowing lights. Especially at home. They just add so much warmth to any space. I have some lantern lights in my room that add a beachy glow that I love, but recently I've been wanting to experiment and get creative with white Christmas lights (but not actually for Christmas -- all year round!)

Through all my pinning and tumbling I realized I've accumulated quite a few inspirations for this project. These are a few lovely images I've stumbled across in the past few months. Time to get some fun, crafty projects in the works for these cold wintery days! 

{via apartment therapy - DIY instructions included!}

{via tumblr -- I think this is my favorite!}




  1. Love these! Now if only Jon would let me girl-ify this apartment up...

  2. Maybe he will let you for the holidays! I know I really want to do this for my room. I'm all about the girl-ifying! xoxo


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