Bubbly Finale

As the year comes to an end, it gives us time to reflect and renew. Despite all the glitz and glamour of the holiday, the expectations of the night tend to make it one of my least favorite events. I'm usually working, therefore the aspects I love most about the holiday, tend to be put on the back burner. So this year I have no expectations and will not limit myself when it comes to the amount of glitter acceptable to wear. 

 I had fun making up a little collage of dreamy New Years parties, that I'd love to one day create. The collage is made by me, but that fabulous images can be found here, here and here. I'm so excited for the year ahead. I know that 2012 brings so many exciting changes and new chapters in my life. I can't wait to share them all here.

 Happy New Year to all! May it be especially sparkly for you. 




Cozy Carmel Christmas

I hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas and enjoying all the sparkle and shine of the season! I spent the day with my family in Carmel-by-the-Sea being cozy at my parents home, enjoying the cute town and walking to the beach. I feel lucky to be in such a beautiful place in the world. It was so sunny and even warm after walking around town. I'm taking a quick break to share some photos of the day before dinner, and after, cuddling up to watch the movie I've been too busy to watch all season, Love Actually. Only the best holiday movie ever, can't wait! 

{christmas sparkle}

{christmas at carmel beach}

{appetizers and champagne in my mom's beautiful wedding glasses}

{my wrapping theme this year: glitter and twine}




City Slicker

Although I've always lived in a small town, I just love big, exciting cities. I've always been drawn to city life and am so happy every time I find myself exploring one. I love the shopping, the amazing assortment of delicious food and the never ending buzz. I also love the idea of a city that never sleeps, knowing that there's always something to do at every hour of the day. San Francisco is a place I frequent often, and hope to call home someday soon. New York is a fabulous city I had the pleasure of spending a classy weekend in a few years ago, with hopes to go back this spring. And Paris! I'll be there this June. 
I created an outfit that I thought would be appropriate for any city excursion. 

{the essentials, plus a few}

Cake Pops

I call these the not-so-red velvet cake pops, because initially I followed a red velvet recipe but when I discovered how much food coloring was actually required, I decided to skip out on the red dye. I've seen these cute things popping up all over the place lately and have been really excited to try my hand at them. My friend let me borrow her super awesome cake pop maker from Baby Cakes. It makes the process really easy, and the shape perfectly round. I found that the frosting and sprinkle part was where I met a challenge. I have yet to perfect the pops, and want to try different recipes, but these little things make great gifts and are just so cute.

 Here's my first attempt. 

{holiday cake pops}

{wrap in cellophane bags and add a glittery tie for a nice touch}

Merry Christmas!




A Succulent Christmas

This year I got inspiration from my mom when it came to present making. She did this for gifts before and I thought it was the cutest idea! I went to the antique fair and other thrift stores to collect as many unique tea cups as I could find. Then I went to the nursery and picked out a bunch of cute succulent plants. I also found many of the plants at Dig Gardens, which is a great place for creative gardening. It was really easy and so much fun! I love giving them to my friends because it's something they can keep for a long time and watch grow. 

{succulent tea time}

{my vintage finds}

{I love how all of the cups are unique and different} 

{I found the most perfectly sized boxes, all at the dollar store}

And finally, all the shopping is done. Just a few more gifts to wrap. My house is so glittery from all the holiday prep!




Gold Rush

This year I opened a few gifts early at a white elephant holiday party, and scored. Luckily no one stole my gift, because I was so excited to have four fun new nail polish colors. I decided to go for the gold, given the time of year. I'm the first to admit, I'm really not the best at doing my own nails, but it does save so much money and is so much fun (if I can sit still long enough not to smear them!). 

{love OPI}

{going for the gold}

{gold rush}

{I'm so impatient when it comes to drying, I decided to flip through a new book to pass the time}


Inspiring Words

Sometimes it's the simplest quote that brings meaning to the day. It's important to have a little pick-me-up inspiration every now and then to remind ourselves what's important, especially in the busiest times. I came across this image I found via the Glitter Guide that I posted on my Tumblr page a few months ago. It just re-inspired me. Today is one of my first days off since...really I can't remember! I couldn't be happier, now off to cross off something on my to-do list. 


Wish List

Here are a few things I've had my eye on this season. 

1. Kate Spade iPhone Case - I've been loving this designer lately, and what a cute cell phone case she makes. It's just so important to make sure your iPhone is safe, why not make it fashionable at the same time?

2. Marc Jacobs Laptop Cover - Love the style and the color. 

3. TopShop Clutch - Gold has been one of my biggest obsessions lately. This is perfect for a night out.

4. LensBaby Lenses - This is just the coolest new addition to photography. I love the playful shapes the lenses make with light. 

5. Infinity Scarf - TopShop and Urban Outfitters make a cute versions, but I'm loving this winter's scarf trend no mater the brand.  

6. Epiphanie Camera Bags - A practical option for the stylish photographer.


Christmas Lights

Okay so maybe I've been going a little overboard on the Christmas posts lately, but I've just found so many things that inspire me! Last night I spent a lovely evening in San Francisco with my boyfriend and felt truly in the holiday spirit. The lights and glamour of Union Square, make it the best place to feel that classic Christmas ambiance. There was even ice skating, but my boyfriend didn't quite share my excitement in that activity. 

{giant tree in the square}

{so many lights!}

{classic christmas}

{staying warm with drinks and shopping} 

{around the corner}

{my backyard}

After a day in the city, I get to come back to this beautiful backdrop. One night this week I was forced to take a detour on my way home. Frustrated, I took a different route and this is what I found. My bad mood instantly changed, and I became so grateful for this beauty! Sometimes the coldest days at the beach are the most magical. 

The next adventure will be gift making. I hope to avoid the stores, especially the mall, as much as possible. I do absolutely love to support my favorite local business. I'm lucky to have so many of the best  locally owned shops right at my fingertips. I love supporting local artists, designers and entrepreneurs. 




Hints of the Holidays

As each day gets colder, I get more excited for this time of year. I really like to avoid the consumer chaos that erupts around the holidays, but love the magic and warmth it brings at the same time. There's nothing I love more than light and sparkle. I've been really excited about making my gifts at home this year (for the most part) and being as creative as I can. This time of year is just about showing a little bit of extra love and kindness. 

{our mini tree that I found for $10, it's only about a foot and a half tall}

{cozy by the fire}

{glittery manicure}



As I came to a pause in my finals week paper writing, I decided to research something a bit more exciting...Glitter! Nothing says December like sparkle. Every year I just gravitate to all the shiny, festive fun that I see around the stores. I love any opportunity to add glitter to my getting ready routine. Here are a few sparkly items that caught my eye.

{steve madden gold glitter pumps}

{sparkle dress}

{holiday nails}

{gold clutch, topshop}

TopShop and I must have had the same inspiration. Later today I came across this "All That Glitters" collection online. So many great holiday finds. Get more glittery inspirations here.


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