Cake Pops

I call these the not-so-red velvet cake pops, because initially I followed a red velvet recipe but when I discovered how much food coloring was actually required, I decided to skip out on the red dye. I've seen these cute things popping up all over the place lately and have been really excited to try my hand at them. My friend let me borrow her super awesome cake pop maker from Baby Cakes. It makes the process really easy, and the shape perfectly round. I found that the frosting and sprinkle part was where I met a challenge. I have yet to perfect the pops, and want to try different recipes, but these little things make great gifts and are just so cute.

 Here's my first attempt. 

{holiday cake pops}

{wrap in cellophane bags and add a glittery tie for a nice touch}

Merry Christmas!



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