My week is going to consist of lots of this:

And this:

And I can't wait for Friday! Have a wonderful week. 


Weekend Wish List

I love inspiration. In my dream world, I'd fill my weekend with all the projects and fun things I've been dreaming up lately, and end the day with fun and friends. This weekend is already packed full, but here are some fun finds that I'd love to try if the days were longer. 

{go for a walk in the sunshine in a chic outfit - love Kristen's blazer}

{display flowers creatively}

{make tissue paper flowers - tutorial to come!}

{I love these shorts, I wonder if they'd be flattering for a petite build?}

{make a balloon wall for a party}

{watch a top knot tutorial and master this cute hairstyle} 

Happy Saturday!


Festival Fashion

I've never been to Coachella, but after this year I'm officially convinced to attend. Everywhere I looked the past two weeks, I spotted the whimsically fun fashions of the festival. My best friend and I decided that next year we'll be there. 

I'm so fascinated by style, and how people choose to express themselves creatively through fashion. I admire people who can pull off items more daring than I'd be ready to risk, or are able to style looks in ways I'd never think of. There's nothing I love more than the carefree feeling of summer, and that's exactly what these images evoke. 

{flowery denim}

{artsy combos}

{very cherry}

{pastel flowers & denim}

{animal instincts} 

What are your favorite Coachella styles? Happy Wednesday! 


It's All Happening

With the end of my last semester of college just three weeks away, my week is suddenly more full than ever. All I need is a strong cup of coffee and lots of motivation, and before I know it I'll be packing my bags for Paris. But until then, here are a few peeks into my favorite parts of the weekend.

{roses from my mom to make my room smell pretty}

{friday outfit}

I loved the hint of summer heat this weekend and all the excitements surrounding. Here are a few of my favorite weekly reads to add some inspiration to your Monday. 

  the everygirl.
the coveteur.

I hope you enjoy!


Smells Like Spring

As the seasons change, they always bring with them something new like flowers, foods, weather and most importantly...clothes! I'm absolutely loving the many shades of colored skinny jeans (I have purple, pink, red and am lusting over a pair in mint green), bright blazers and colorful nails. I've created an inspiration board for some spring-themed ideas that are inspiring me this week.
1. Essie "Cute as a Button" nail color. 
2. Mint green skinny jeans.
3. I've been loving flats lately. They are comfy, versatile and go great with skinny jeans. I love the different ways sparkle and color make a simple shoe exciting and stylish. Love these glitter tipped flats.
4. I'd love to master this Olsen hairstyle.
5. I really need to incorporate more veggies into my diet. I love the framer's market and plan on making it a more frequent destination this spring.
6. There's something so lovely about pretty flowers wrapped in brown paper packaging. There's nothing better than fresh flowers at home.

What's inspiring you this week?

Images gathered from Pinterest 


The Weekend

The weekend celebrates a time to relax and enjoy the things that make us the happiest whether it's a good cup of coffee, the morning paper or a walk on the beach. I fill my weeks with endless to-do lists, which ultimately overflow into the weekend. But although the lists will never really end, it's important to put them aside and do something you really love on the weekends. 

This weekend I want to: 

1. Watch a good movie
2. Read my new book
3. Cross off some to-do's
4. Blog
5. And collect photos for my dream board

After being refreshed by the things you love, it makes it a bit easier to conquer that other business. What are some of your favorite weekend activities and traditions? 


Brightly Fitted

I'm grateful for a fabulously relaxing Easter, and also for some sunshine this past weekend, considering the rest of the week calls for nothing but rain and clouds. Blazers are such a great way to polish up any outfit, and since spring arrived I've been eagerly trading in my black jackets for something more vibrant. 

I found this great blazer on one of my favorite style inspirations, Brooklyn Blonde, which spurred my search for the bright spring blazer from H&M. Amidst my search, I discovered that H&M has so many collections and the best pieces are rarely featured online and even hard to find in stores. 

Although I never found the robin's egg blue I originally was looking for, I love this orange sherbet blazer I picked up at the H&M in Santa Barbara. 

I paired it with a lacy dress from Aritzia and a Forever 21 necklace for Easter brunch.

I stumbled across this great springtime orange blazer today here, which reminded me of the one I found above. 

I love this look of a brightly colored blazer paired with anything white and lacy. 


Sweet & Savory

One of my favorite things to do is sit at a great cafe, having a wonderful cup of coffee along with something to fulfill my sweet tooth or just a perfect panini. I love big cities because they offer a countless amount of amazing places just like this, but I also love all the unique and quaint places my hometown of Santa Cruz has to offer. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite places to get a sweet treat or a delicious  lunch. 

One of my favorite places for uniquely flavored ice creams made from great ingredients. 

{penny ice creamery}

{love the décor by a local designer} 

{homemade ice cream in the works}

I love cupcakes, and this cute little shop is the yummiest and the healthiest (at least when it comes to sweets).

{great décor}

{raspberry red velvet}

{image via}

My favorite place to go on Sunday mornings after yoga for a latte and bowl of granola and yogurt or a breakfast panini. 

{image via Flickr}

Yum all around!

{image via Flickr}

Bowl of soul, teas and great lattes. I especially love the interior design and the assortment of amazing succulents and air plants. 

{image via}

Sisters with The Penny Ice Creamery, this place is equally as amazing for something savory, picnic style!

Bon Appetite!


Getting Down to Business

There's always something exciting about getting a great business card. I love seeing how people choose to design and express themselves professionally. I've been wanting to update mine for ages and just recently got these in the mail from Tiny Prints.



There's nothing worse than a crumpled up business card, and after much searching for the perfect case (I've been so into finding great cases lately for everything from iPhone, iPad, computer and camera) I chose this from my personal favorite, Kate Spade. I just love her designs and can't get enough of the great color and sparkle. 
I finished off my weekend with a great morning yoga class and a snack from one of my favorite local spots. Have a wonderful week ahead. 

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