The Coveteur

I recently discovered this website that takes you inside the closets of today's style and design influencers. 

{via The Coveteur and Jake Rosenberg}

The pictures and ideas are amazing! This is who they are: "The Coveteur, founded by designer Erin Kleinberg and stylist Stephanie Mark, is a new way of looking at the creative process and influences of some of today's most recognized global tastemakers. The Coveteur takes you inside the closets of internationally influential cultural forecasters, showing us what culminates in their personal style - one item at a time." 

{via The Coveteur and Jake Rosenberg}

I love getting to take a peak at what inspires those that inspire what we do and wear on a daily basis. Enjoy! xx


Love this Look

Bangles and more. 

Summer Lights

Every year to finish off the summer right, my friends throw this beautiful party. My favorite part are the beautiful lights! 

Such a great idea. 





{dancing the night away}



Pretty sure this was made for me. 

{via pinterest}

Some Daily Buzz

For one of my jobs I've had the pleasure of discovering how many amazing blogs exist in the world. I've become totally addicted to amazing blogs with awesome ideas and pictures. Some of the ones I find end up here

{via daily buzz style} 

This site is a great mesh of talented bloggers all in one place. I love it because so often it's hard to remember where you came across that cute page, and Daily Buzz Style collects them all for you right here. 

Go ahead take a peak...

{via daily buzz style}

All posts are by original bloggers, just collaborated into a beautiful fashion blog collage.


It's All the Rage

Like it? Love it? Want it? Need it? 

Just catalog it all here and whenever in need for inspiration, there's no better place! I absolutely adore Pinterest.

Check out my Pinboards and follow me. I'd love to share ideas and be inspired by you too!  

Just a Reminder to...

Thanks to one of my favorite places to splurge...Lululemon. They just make me want to stretch and enjoy life. Nothing better than yoga and some good words to live by. 

{via Lululemon}

Just Around the Corner

Fall is just around the corner...and one of my favorite things about this time of year is that scarves are the best accessory. I love scarves and they are the perfect accent to any outfit. 

{via pinterest}

p.s. love this outfit too! Check out my style pin board on Pinterest (the best website ever!) above. 


Summer Recap

Here's a little recap of my summer via Instagram, my new favorite photo app. I've been obsessed with it all summer. I've spent years doing photography, spending hours in the darkroom filled with chemicals, and I hate to say it, but my little app does everything I need with just a click and I love it! After years of traditional photography, I can honestly say I'm totally content with the amazing innovations of iphones and apps, it makes photography so much fun, and there's so much less of a mess to clean up. 

Okay I'm going to sneak in some Hipsta prints too.




{wine country}

{floating away}


{summer salad}

{mimosa mornings}


{patio lights}




{nutella crepes}

{a little splurging} 

It's true summer really does feel like it's fading. Fall is in there air, but summer still lingers in the breeze. I love this time of year, I think it might even be my favorite. The time just before the leaves change and the pumpkins start showing up, but after the summertime tourists and families have packed up their vacations. There's always this peaceful sense of something new to come, but it's still not too late to dip your toes in the sand. 


Fashion's Night Out

I've been so inspired today by the excitement of Fashion Week. My little California town doesn't have anything close to it, so I just dream about it and look at pictures all day long. Someday I'd just love to go!

What sounds even more exciting is Fashion's Night Out, where stores stay open all night hosting the biggest shopping and fashion extravaganza of the year. All the clothes and glamour must be amazing..


It's All About the Love

{this heart appeared on my coffee the other day, a little unexpected love really is the best}


Thought of the Day

{yes I'm trying}


I've been so into succulents lately. My green thumb has really been failing me, but these little things are amazing. They actually like neglect, don't take much water or care, and just need a little bit of love and sunshine every now and then. And the best part about them is that they are made for getting creative. There is no end to the way they can be planted and arranged. There is a real art to the process and it's so much fun! 

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