Summer Recap

Here's a little recap of my summer via Instagram, my new favorite photo app. I've been obsessed with it all summer. I've spent years doing photography, spending hours in the darkroom filled with chemicals, and I hate to say it, but my little app does everything I need with just a click and I love it! After years of traditional photography, I can honestly say I'm totally content with the amazing innovations of iphones and apps, it makes photography so much fun, and there's so much less of a mess to clean up. 

Okay I'm going to sneak in some Hipsta prints too.




{wine country}

{floating away}


{summer salad}

{mimosa mornings}


{patio lights}




{nutella crepes}

{a little splurging} 

It's true summer really does feel like it's fading. Fall is in there air, but summer still lingers in the breeze. I love this time of year, I think it might even be my favorite. The time just before the leaves change and the pumpkins start showing up, but after the summertime tourists and families have packed up their vacations. There's always this peaceful sense of something new to come, but it's still not too late to dip your toes in the sand. 

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