Happy First Birthday!

My blog is one! A year ago today I made my first blog post, while sitting on the lawn at school. I've had so much fun growing with my blog this past year, and although there's so much more to accomplish ahead, I'm really happy with how far it's come. I love having a place to share beautiful images, things I enjoy and tidbits of my life and style. In the past, I kept a journal, but slowly stopped writing as life got busier. Now I love having a place to journal about all the things I want to share about my life, as opposed to a more personal journal. Thank you all so much for reading, your feedback makes me so happy. I look forward to the next year of blogging! 


Miss Bradshaw

There's nothing like timeless inspiration, especially when it comes to the iconic style of Carrie Bradshaw. As almost every girl can agree with, Sex and the City is pretty much one of the best things to ever happen. When I was 19, I purchased the entire (bootlegged) set for $11 on a trip around the world, and my roommate and I watched an episode (or two) every night religiously until we'd seen them all. Although I'd love to buy the original high quality set one day, I still pop those discs in my DVD player over and over again throughout the years whenever I just want to unwind. There's just something so great about best friends, clothes and NYC, and lately it's been just the thing I need.

"They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style." ~ Carrie Bradshaw 


House in the Clouds

During the many hours I've spent on my computer job searching in the past few weeks, I've occasionally let myself wander into other areas of research. This is what I found, and it's it dreamy? This tree house (or dream house) is nestled in the woods of Big Sur at the Post Ranch Inn. You can stay there for a fortune or just dream about it like me. I'm excited to have been practicing my hand at InDesign and have been having so much fun collaging photos like the one above. 

I hope this inspires a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

images courtesy of Post Ranch Inn


A Summer Weekend

This weekend I had the pleasure of catching up with old friends, enjoying a yoga class with my mom and attending a fall fashion shoot. The Penny Rose fashion blog will be posting a fall fashion lookbook each day throughout the first week of September. I had so much fun participating in the shoot this weekend as the behind-the-scenes photographer at some of my favorite local boutiques. 

{treats with my mom at The Penny Ice Creamery}

{lovely accents at Cameron Marks}

{getting photo shoot ready}

{fall glam}

{playing dress up}

{behind the scenes}

{Denim on denim at Stripe}

{creative teacup lighting} 


The Little Things

This week the littlest details are making me the happiest. I feel that a clean home, a fresh bouquet of flowers, a yummy candle and some sunshine, are the things that at the end of the day, make me feel at home. So I thought I'd share a few of the small details I've added here and there that make me happy. 

{a new center piece for our table that I found at Urban Outfitters}

{something sparkly that I picked up at Forever 21 while visiting my mom last week}

{lots of candles to make my room smell nice, Voluspa are some of my favorite}

{instead of using an artificial smelling bathroom freshener, I used a gardenia candle for a nice aroma}

{my flourishing succulent garden a.k.a. the only happy plants in my yard}


A Monday in Paris

While I've been back in the States for just over a month, European memories don't feel too far away. I'm loving the luxury of enjoying a relaxing Northern California summer, which means foggy mornings, sunny afternoons and plenty of great things to do, but I'm already missing and reminiscing about great cafes and fresh baguettes. I really wouldn't mind that international lifestyle being my daily routine, accompanied by a great job of course, and hope that one day it will be. But in the meantime, here are some of my favorite Instagram captures from one of my favorite cities in the world.

{peonies on every corner}

{a delightful view}

{one of my favorite street corners}

{flowers & cafe au lait}

{a typical rainy June day}

{just one of the many delicious excursions}

{an evening view atop the Arc de Triomphe} 

{Laduree - only the best macaroons}

{my favorite perch in my apartment}

{daily eats}

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