A Monday in Paris

While I've been back in the States for just over a month, European memories don't feel too far away. I'm loving the luxury of enjoying a relaxing Northern California summer, which means foggy mornings, sunny afternoons and plenty of great things to do, but I'm already missing and reminiscing about great cafes and fresh baguettes. I really wouldn't mind that international lifestyle being my daily routine, accompanied by a great job of course, and hope that one day it will be. But in the meantime, here are some of my favorite Instagram captures from one of my favorite cities in the world.

{peonies on every corner}

{a delightful view}

{one of my favorite street corners}

{flowers & cafe au lait}

{a typical rainy June day}

{just one of the many delicious excursions}

{an evening view atop the Arc de Triomphe} 

{Laduree - only the best macaroons}

{my favorite perch in my apartment}

{daily eats}


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  2. Beautiful pictures! I can't wait until I get to go...

    Love your shadow reflection in that second to last picture, so pretty.


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