Today Has Been Cancelled

My life lately has been so full, and although my days are packed with exciting things, I realized the only way to ever truly have time to relax is to schedule it. I decided that two days away from my regular routine were exactly what I needed. So last week my boyfriend and I got in the car and drove up the coast to explore and indulge in a day, agenda free. 



{dessert for breakfast}

{patio lights}

{a coastal green garden}

{rustic details}

{the road less traveled}

{afternoon sun}

{a stop at sift cupcakery in santa rosa, image via}


Tangerine Trend

All this tangerine has got me inspired. Declared the official color of 2012 this January, Tangerine Tango has been dominating fashion. This color is a new one for me, but I love to play with brights, so I chose a few items I thought best suited this color. I even think a full dress, as seen on the runway, is a fun fit for this color in the spring and summer months ahead. My favorite item is the blazer, and I love the idea of tangerine nails. Essie has been my favorite lately. This color just looks like so much fun.


The Simple Life

{images via design love fest, this-is-glamorous, because i'm addicted and collaged by me}

Just after the New Year, I decided to put one of my long overdue goals into action: to simplify. To let go of the old, and allow more space for the new. Lately I've found that excess clutter, and nonessential "things" have been making my life feel unneccisarily chaotic. It's not that I have an exuberant amount of stuff to begin with, but it's amazing what you can accumulate so easily over the years.

My closet is now five bags of clothing lighter, and after much organization, might just maybe win Carrie Bradshaw's approval (of course size could never compare!). 

There's something so refreshing about saying goodbye to unused pieces of clothing, and de-cluttering your space. The space that you live in says so much about you. That's why I'm trying to make mine as simple and chic as possible. It's also wonderful to sell gently used clothing or donate it to someone who needs it more. 


Grey Days

{image via}

Usually, I'm known to jump at an opportunity to wear a bright color whenever possible. But lately I've been loving grey. Grey nails, and grey boots to be exact. As long as the entire outfit isn't grey, the wintery months have got me in the mood for this soft, versatile color. On a day like today, it really does match the skies, so you might need to add a splash of red or another vibrant color to stay cheerful, but grey is the perfect compliment to any winter outfit. 

(image via)

{grey nails by essie}

{free people short boots}

(image via)

{okay and this is just dreaming..louboutins}

Make sure to pair your outfit with a cup of something hot. It's cooold outside. Stay cozy.




Color Palette: Hot Pink

{center image via fashion salade}

This has been such a busy week I haven't had a chance to do anything blog worthy, which is not fun! But what is fun, are these hot pink pants. I found the center image here, and liked the idea of creating an outfit around these bright tones. Hot pink skinnies are officially on my wish list. I really can't get enough of the season's bold colors. 

Happy Thursday! 




Inspiration Board

New Year, New Ideas. 

In my free time, which is quite scarce, I'm always squeezing in as much time as possible to read the blogs I love. There are SO many it's really hard to not get overwhelmed by the immense amount of creativity and fabulous ideas out there. There are literally so many I could spend weeks pouring through their pages, and not have seen it all. But there are a few that have come to be my very favorite go-to's and daily reads. I just get so excited by all the great ideas I find and fantasize about quitting all my jobs and spending my whole day pouring over beautiful photographs of style and design.

My favorites change on the regular, but here are my latest top five favorites:

{photo courtesy of cupcakes and cashmere}

I love Emily's style! Her blog embodies all the things I love the most: home decor, personal style and a bit of baking. What makes her blog great is its beautiful photography, which she does herself. C&C is simple, tasteful and delightful, everything a blog should be. 

{image via design seeds}

This is like no blog I've ever seen. And that's why I love it! One word: color. It is all about color. Jessica transforms color palettes into amazing pieces to match the mood of each color. It's genius really. The images are so unique and beautiful. 

{via the glitter guide}

The name says it all. Yes, a guide to all things fabulous. Their Tumblr and Pinterest pages are a great follow as well!

{via apartment therapy}

Home decor is one of my favorite areas of design and style. I've yet to have my completely own space to decorate or start from scratch (besides bedrooms) but I love getting ideas for my dream home. And there are so many good ones here!

{image via the coveteur}

I know I've written before about this site, but it still hasn't moved from my favorites list. The inside look into the fabulously stylish homes of today's style influencers is such a treat! And the photographs are amazing. 



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