The Simple Life

{images via design love fest, this-is-glamorous, because i'm addicted and collaged by me}

Just after the New Year, I decided to put one of my long overdue goals into action: to simplify. To let go of the old, and allow more space for the new. Lately I've found that excess clutter, and nonessential "things" have been making my life feel unneccisarily chaotic. It's not that I have an exuberant amount of stuff to begin with, but it's amazing what you can accumulate so easily over the years.

My closet is now five bags of clothing lighter, and after much organization, might just maybe win Carrie Bradshaw's approval (of course size could never compare!). 

There's something so refreshing about saying goodbye to unused pieces of clothing, and de-cluttering your space. The space that you live in says so much about you. That's why I'm trying to make mine as simple and chic as possible. It's also wonderful to sell gently used clothing or donate it to someone who needs it more. 

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