Tangerine Trend

All this tangerine has got me inspired. Declared the official color of 2012 this January, Tangerine Tango has been dominating fashion. This color is a new one for me, but I love to play with brights, so I chose a few items I thought best suited this color. I even think a full dress, as seen on the runway, is a fun fit for this color in the spring and summer months ahead. My favorite item is the blazer, and I love the idea of tangerine nails. Essie has been my favorite lately. This color just looks like so much fun.


  1. So in love with the tangerine trend! OBSESSED with that blazer! What a great find!

    xox Lara of http://weheartbeauty.com (and a fellow www.dualshow.com contributor, as well!)

    1. Thanks Lara! I just started following your blog, I like it a lot! Thanks for stopping by :)


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