A Succulent Christmas

This year I got inspiration from my mom when it came to present making. She did this for gifts before and I thought it was the cutest idea! I went to the antique fair and other thrift stores to collect as many unique tea cups as I could find. Then I went to the nursery and picked out a bunch of cute succulent plants. I also found many of the plants at Dig Gardens, which is a great place for creative gardening. It was really easy and so much fun! I love giving them to my friends because it's something they can keep for a long time and watch grow. 

{succulent tea time}

{my vintage finds}

{I love how all of the cups are unique and different} 

{I found the most perfectly sized boxes, all at the dollar store}

And finally, all the shopping is done. Just a few more gifts to wrap. My house is so glittery from all the holiday prep!



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