Hints of the Holidays

As each day gets colder, I get more excited for this time of year. I really like to avoid the consumer chaos that erupts around the holidays, but love the magic and warmth it brings at the same time. There's nothing I love more than light and sparkle. I've been really excited about making my gifts at home this year (for the most part) and being as creative as I can. This time of year is just about showing a little bit of extra love and kindness. 

{our mini tree that I found for $10, it's only about a foot and a half tall}

{cozy by the fire}

{glittery manicure}


  1. Love your nails! What kind of polish did you use for the glitter nail.

  2. Thank you! I actually used real glitter. I painted one coat of polish on my nail, and then sprinkled a bunch of glitter on my wet nail and let it dry. It stayed for awhile too!


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