Christmas Lights

Okay so maybe I've been going a little overboard on the Christmas posts lately, but I've just found so many things that inspire me! Last night I spent a lovely evening in San Francisco with my boyfriend and felt truly in the holiday spirit. The lights and glamour of Union Square, make it the best place to feel that classic Christmas ambiance. There was even ice skating, but my boyfriend didn't quite share my excitement in that activity. 

{giant tree in the square}

{so many lights!}

{classic christmas}

{staying warm with drinks and shopping} 

{around the corner}

{my backyard}

After a day in the city, I get to come back to this beautiful backdrop. One night this week I was forced to take a detour on my way home. Frustrated, I took a different route and this is what I found. My bad mood instantly changed, and I became so grateful for this beauty! Sometimes the coldest days at the beach are the most magical. 

The next adventure will be gift making. I hope to avoid the stores, especially the mall, as much as possible. I do absolutely love to support my favorite local business. I'm lucky to have so many of the best  locally owned shops right at my fingertips. I love supporting local artists, designers and entrepreneurs. 



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