Wish List

Here are a few things I've had my eye on this season. 

1. Kate Spade iPhone Case - I've been loving this designer lately, and what a cute cell phone case she makes. It's just so important to make sure your iPhone is safe, why not make it fashionable at the same time?

2. Marc Jacobs Laptop Cover - Love the style and the color. 

3. TopShop Clutch - Gold has been one of my biggest obsessions lately. This is perfect for a night out.

4. LensBaby Lenses - This is just the coolest new addition to photography. I love the playful shapes the lenses make with light. 

5. Infinity Scarf - TopShop and Urban Outfitters make a cute versions, but I'm loving this winter's scarf trend no mater the brand.  

6. Epiphanie Camera Bags - A practical option for the stylish photographer.


  1. Cute stuff! What did you use to make your image? Polyvore? Photoshop? Paint?

  2. Thanks Robin! I used Snagit, but it's just a free trial I'm using at the moment. I just started using Polyvore too and really like it!


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