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Lately I've been really into redefining my space. After getting an urge to get rid of anything and everything I no longer have a need for, I realized how much my taste has changed and matured over the years. I felt little attachment to so many things I owned and had a great desire to start decorating again from scratch. While this idea sounds like a fabulously fun project, it of course isn't realistic. So instead, I've been enjoying adding and updating little things here and there, whenever I get a new idea. I never tire of the endless amount of creative ways to decorate and add personal style to your space. 

I love this British saying, and purchased a print in a light lavender to remind me every day, and hung it above my desk. 

{fun tote available on etsy}

{organized jewelry is so much prettier}

I really want to make this DIY jewelry dish featured on Honestly...WTF today to put atop my dresser.

{cork ideas}

I'm currently saving all the wine corks I can to make something crafty. I'm thinking cork board. Do you have any other crafty wine cork DIY ideas?

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  1. I have what seems like hundreds of corks and I have been thinking of making a wreath out of them and tacking my Christmas cards to it. I have a pretty strong wreath addiction and I really love square wreaths. I like the idea because it's sort of art and function.


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