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A few days ago I finalized plans to travel to Europe a few weeks after my college graduation!

I've been lucky enough to have traveled to so many global destinations in my lifetime, but have never spent any time in Paris, London or Italy, and that's exactly where I'll be this June. I plan on attempting the "pack light" method, and fitting a month of belongings in one backpack. The last time I tried this however, when traveling to Brazil with my best friend, I actually fell over, but I'm hoping to master the backpack this time around. Although a backpack can look equally as touristy, I don't think my rolling suitcase and European streets would be a good mix.

The food, imagery and new discoveries make me too excited every time I think about it! I adore the romance languages and hope to incorporate some French and Italian into my vocabulary.


  1. That is so exciting!!! Packing light is so hard, but is so satisfying if you can actually accomplish it. Dietrich and I took way too much on our trip to Europe and have a hilarious (not at the time) story about getting lost in Venice late at night, large rolling suitcases in tow...

    1. Venice is definitely on my list, hopefully without suitcases :) And yes, I'm a horrible light packer. I'll have to hear about where you went!


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