Go for the Gold

Over the past few years I've had such an affinity for all things gold. From clutches to jewelry to buttons, I just love the look of gold. It has such a classic look, yet is still very fun and trendy. I instantly gravitate toward any glimpse of gold over silver any day. 

Here are a few gold accents that are currently adding sparkle to my day.

{vintage gold ring my grandma gifted to me years ago, nail polish from here}

{gold buttons form a recent J.Crew purchase}

{simple gold earrings are my favorite, DIY earring frame can be found here}

{gold jewelry in a vintage tea set bowl}

Michael Kors makes the best watches hands down. I love this large chain-linked watch, because it's the perfect addition to any outfit, whether it be work or play. 

In the past I wore an assortment of rings daily, but as my style changed, so did my taste in rings. I've been on the search for delicately simple rings to incorporate back into my style, and finally discovered some perfectly simple gold bands at a local boutique. This beautifully painted antique bowl that I found at the flea market last week, is the perfect place to keep my jewelry on its downtime.  

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