Spring Break

Timing is everything. Amidst the business of the past few months, I almost forgot that this week is my spring break, which meant free time to adventure and relax. I couldn't be happier, as many of my recent projects have just wrapped up and I'm now focusing on that "next chapter" of my life. I was so happy to realize that I had a week of almost nothing planned ahead, so I decided to slip a few activities into my agenda. My boyfriend and I drove to Santa Barbara to visit one of my best friends. Although not the warmest of holidays, we had a wonderful time, eating, shopping and enjoying each other's company.

{road trip}

{a succulent from this post, happy and growing on my friend's windowsill}

{cozy beachside breakfast on a quiet morning} 

{fruit and latte = perfect breakfast to me}

{my friend Leilani's beautiful patio with string lights and great vintage mirrors}

{botanical gardens}

{locally sourced dinner at Julienne - such a treat}

What are some of your favorite places for a short getaway?


  1. This looks like fun! I love Santa Barbara. We're planning a short getaway for a couple weeks from now, and I think we are going to take a road trip down the coast. I love Big Sur, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara - we are so lucky to live near these great escapes :)

    1. We really are. Have a great getaway, that sounds like a perfect trip!


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