A Visit to the Louis Vuitton Headquarters

I'm officially home from Europe, and looking back my trip really feels like such a dream. Part of me would love to be back enjoying summertime at a European cafe, and the other part is happy to be home by the beach in sunny California. I truly missed blogging the past few weeks, as the internet decided to fail in my apartment my last week in Paris and Italy consisted of visiting a new city each day, therefore I had no downtime to blog. So I'll happily share some of my most favorite Parisian/Italian moments the next few days from home. One of my last days in Paris we had the pleasure of visiting the Louis Vuitton headquarters on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and of course couldn't leave without a rooftop photo shoot. 

{Sheila, my favorite fashionista in flowy blue with leopard accents}

{dress from the one and only Topshop London}

{dress: Zara, blazer: Urban Outfitters}

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