Gelato-ing my way through Europe

I must admit, one of my favorite parts about Europe was eating. It never ceases to amaze me how rare it is to find someone who's not in immaculate shape, when the majority of the European food chain consists of indulgences. It must be that fact that Europeans are so good at understanding balance in life. Whether it be work, food, drink, dessert and play, they seem to have just the right equation down to balance it all out. I also love that fact that "super-size" is a foreign term, and everything really just comes in perfect proportions. When it came to food and gelato, I really knew no limits, because one of my favorite parts about traveling is experiencing all the new tastes. But with the amount of walking I did throughout my month away, I think it must have just balanced out.

Here's a peak at some of my favorite sweet treats.


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  1. There aren't many things better than treats on vacation!


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