Something Summery

There really is no time like summer. It just has this lovely carefree feeling that nothing tops. I couldn't be more ready to have a full-time job, but the one thing I'll truly miss about summer are those three months of nothing to do but enjoy it. Of course that just means I'll have to make the time to be carefree, which really can be so much fun to plan. But for the moment, I still have that one glimpse of a true summer left ahead. Here are a few things that got me summer-inspired today amidst prepping for Europe. 

My friend Hannah wrote a lovely post on her blog about Glamping (glamourous camping) which is just my thing. I love the outdoors, but honestly don't love to get dirty. I read an article about these great spots in Sunset today, and have added the destination to my bucket list. 

My boyfriend loves to sail and plans on getting a large boat someday soon. I hope it looks like this:

 This urban rooftop picnic looks amazing. 

I hope to be spending lots of time at places like this while in Europe this summer. 

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  1. Ah, summer! I am so looking forward to reading about your Parisian adventures :).

  2. Cool post dear
    thanks for sharing


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