The Skinny

One of my favorite things about Europe is the fashion forward culture. I love that fashion is incorporated into European life everyday, and that so much of the culture is centered around the art and sophistication of high-end style. I was even dining next to designers from Roberto Cavalli and Marc Jacobs tonight at dinner by the Seine. I had an amazing time discovering Topshop London and am excited to bring home some fun finds for summer. One trend I’ve fully adopted is bright and patterned skinny jeans, and while this style has been around for more than one season, I’m so happy to know it’s not going anywhere. Everyone I’ve seen in both London and Paris are stylishly sporting this colorful look. Here are a few ways I’ve styled these bright pieces while in Europe…

{off to London}

{red and peplum}

{french florals}

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  1. So chic Sera! I love that you are finding time to blog while jet-setting through Europe - I'm really enjoying reading :). Happy travels!


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