Exploring Paris

Paris is so magical. It really does live up to all the expectations I’ve gathered from movies, books and pictures. I love the fact that I have time to explore the city, and although each day has been so full, having a month to explore makes the sightseeing so much less stressful. I feel completely adapted to French culture, and am trying as best I can to order my café and croissant in complete French. The language is beautiful and the people are so sophisticated and classy. Being on time to important events like company presentations and classes has been an adventure in itself, but as we run through the beautiful streets I feel as if I’m in a movie. I’m off to sleep after a lovely evening under the glittering Eiffel Tower and am taking off for a weekend flight to London this afternoon.  

{love being by the water}

{everyone rides bikes, in style too}

{extra large bubbles}

{first ice cream at the cutest shop I've seen: coffee and coconut} 


{I've always loved the look and color of peonies - they are everywhere in Paris}

{flower shops are always nearby in my neighborhood}

{can't get enough flowers}

{succulents - my favorite}

{catching up}

{lovely colors}

{colorful purchases} 

{pretending this is our vespa}

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  1. I love reading about your Parisian adventures...makes me want to go back! I hope you have a fabulous time in London this weekend :)


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