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I've always wanted to attend a blog conference, specifically Blogshop, Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference and LuckyFABB. Well, now I can say that my blogging bestie and I are officially off to LuckyFABB in Los Angeles. We are so excited! 

Because "Spring Break" is no longer in our vocabulary or on our schedules, we decided to make it happen regardless. We are packing our bags and hopping in the car tomorrow evening for a mini spring break getaway.

Thank you all for voting so generously for my blog post during the Lucky Magazine contest. I can't thank you enough for all of the nice comments and votes! Although I didn't win the contest, I was still invited to attend the LuckyFABB conference. So I'm off! Now the question is, what to wear?

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  1. Hey babygirl! It was so nice meeting you & Laura at the conference<3 Had so much fun there! Didn't you love the gift bag?! I still haven't looked through everything :P Let's keep in touch! XOXO

    Crystal & Sue Anne


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