Rainbow Sherbet

Today was the perfect spring day. On my lunch break I took a quick walk outside and was pleasantly greeted by singing birds, sunshine and a warm breeze. There are precisely two times during the day when the lighting is just magical: early morning and just before sunset. Yesterday my boyfriend and I ran outside to snap a few photos just before sunset in hopes of catching the last of the magic hour, but not before stopping to pick up some pink flowers of course. 

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sweater: J.Crew (on sale last year) // jeans: Zara Paris // booties: Coach via Nordstrom Rack // earrings: Stripe // tulips: Bi-Rite Market

{photo credit: Art Mueller}


  1. Love these pictures. The setting and lighting of the photos is perfect... as is your outfit. :)



  2. What a lovely blog--well-done, Sera! I live in Tornado Alley (MO), and your photos make me long for the West Coast. I tried to click the little blue "vote" word, but that didn't work for me. I must be doing something wrong....

  3. Very pretty, love those spring colors.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!



  4. I love this color combination! So pretty and perfect for spring!

    A Devine Life

  5. What a great color combination.The tulips are looking perfect in your hand.It is looking so chic.


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