Making Time for Happiness

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One of my favorite things to do is read a great blog (see my Inspirations list on the right) and get inspired, but as many of you know, my very favorite blog is Cupcakes and Cashmere. I recently purchased her new book which has been a great way to pass the time during my unfortunate summer cold. I just read her "20 Ideas for How to Spend a Spring Day," and I decided to share my favorite ways to do the same. No matter the season, or day of the week, it's so important to find the time to just do those things you love, whether it be by yourself or with a friend. 

Here are a few things that make me just that much happier:

1. Go to a housewares store and refresh your home by buying a few fun things to brighten up your space. 
2. Spend some time in your yard on a sunny day and see where it takes you.
3. Turn on a great playlist and clean out your closet. It feels so good to make room for the new. I think I've cleaned out over seven bags of clothing this year alone, making room for new styles and pieces (and then you don't feel guilty about buying something new!).
4. Make to-do lists and reserve a day to get it all done, crossing off a list and throwing it away makes me feel so accomplished. 
5. Plan something fun with a friend or loved one and do it.
6. Have a day with no plans (I know this can be quite challenging to accomplish!).
7. Read. I love a good read whether it's catching up on the latest celebrity gossip over a pedicure, or snuggling up with Fifty Shades of Grey, reading what makes you happy sets apart that time to relax. 
8. Treat yourself - ice cream, flowers, a new pair of shoes, I always feel it's appropriate to treat myself to something I want. 
9. Find a moment to sit in the sun for just a few minutes, it works wonders.
10. Go on a morning walk with a friend and a good latte. 

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