Case in Point

Sometimes after a long day at work, my favorite thing to do is to go for a walk in the cool evening breeze around my neighborhood. Although heels aren't normally the most desired walking shoe, my roommate and I both added some new pointy toed pumps to our closets this week, and we wanted to try them on for a post-work stroll. I just love going for walks with my camera and finding colors and objects to be inspired by along the way. In this case, the blossoming flowers of the season and a cotton candy pink vespa were the perfect compliment to my pastel-inspired ensemble. 

Happy Friday!

{shoes: diane von furstenburg //  blazer + shirt: h&m // skirt: lulu's // watch: michael kors // necklace: local designer purchased at heidi says

photo credit: LLC


  1. you look SO! cute, and I love your and Laura's shoes!!

    1. Thanks Meghan, you're so sweet! I was just browsing through your blog, I love your style, it's so cute and unique!

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  3. I am loving the denim shirt with the baby pink skirt!


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