Crafty Christmas

If you're anything like me, Christmas gift making and shopping did not happen early this year. I love the idea of having everything finished weeks before, avoiding the crowded malls and having time to just enjoy the best parts of the season. Next year. Although I did have to venture to the mall a few times to get the gifts I needed, I much prefer getting crafty in the comfort of home and making my own gifts to give. This year, I thought it would be fun to try my hand at candle making. This week I spent a cozy Friday night in making candles, watching holiday movies and was even serenaded by live carolers at my doorstep. 

I found everything I needed for candle making at Michael's craft store. This project can get messy so it's important to cover your kitchen appropriately. Overall, the process was quite simple. Melt the wax, add color and scent and pour into the jars of your choice. I tend to take a glance at instructions, and then do it my own way, but this is one project where following the instructions carefully is one of the most important steps.

{prep glass with wicks}

{after the wax cooled, I added twine and gift tags for a finishing touch}

{my handmade Christmas cards: recycled Papaya cards, brown paper and twine}

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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