Three Creative Things To Do This Weekend

Print: My friend recently printed out her Instagram photos and I loved the idea. I'd always wanted to but never got around to figuring out how. I used the free app PostalPix and did the entire process from my iPhone. I chose the smallest (and cheapest) size option, and love the result; it's like Polaroids all over again. Now I just have to decide where to display them.

Write: I feel like lately I have so much going on in my head that if I don't write it down I end up forgetting too many good ideas. I've been carrying around this great little journal that was given to me at one of the companies I visited in Paris. I keep it in my purse, accompanied by a few colorful pens, and whenever there's something I need to do, or something I don't want to forget I put it in my little brown book. I feel so much more organized!

Paint: This "S" was given to me by my friend and I just love it. I decided to spray paint it gold to add a little bit of sparkle to my room. I love spray paint, especially in gold, because it's such a great way to spice up something that would be too ordinary without it.

I hope this brought you some creative inspiration for the day. Happy Friday!

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