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As a young girl, I spent endless hours clipping (or tearing) my favorite images from my favorite magazines and making collages. I think my entire bedroom was once a big collage. Today I much prefer simplicity over clutter when it comes to wall space, but I still love to collect images that make me happy and get my mind dreaming. 

{lovely way to collect magazines}

That's why I've decided to start a dream board. My parents both make them, collecting images of dream homes, vacations and lifestyles that they want to achieve in their lifetime. I used to find it silly, but now think it's the best idea. In life, we don't realize how much we create just by visualizing. I used to daydream about things I'd find myself accomplishing just months later. 

So why not put your dreams into one place that you can see everyday? And guess what, you might just end up living your dream life!

{image via pinterest}

Here's how to make a dream board: 

1. Collect images over a few months that resemble your biggest dreams
2. Find a board to glue them to that's a perfect size
3. Once you have enough images, arrange them in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to you
4. Find a fun frame that you love and put your board in a place that you see on the regular

...and dream away!

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration! And I am loving your posts on the Penny Rose :)


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